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The Chen style Taijiquan classes offered at the Phoenix Martial Arts Center is clear and systematic. This allows each student to progress at their own pace and ensures that they reach their own personal goals. Best of all, the classes are challenging and fun! Class Exercises Include • Standing post practice • Warm-ups/stretching • Internal exercises • Silk reeling • Footwork training • Sensitivity training • Partner drills • Joint locks drills • And much more! First class is free.

Phoenix Chen Taijiquan Gong Fu

401 W Elm St # 2 · Norristown

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This group is for anyone interested in learning skills to help defend themselves.

It is important for people to be able to defend themselves when the situation arises. We cannot depend on the police to arrive to save us in a timely matter. It takes police officers on average 11 minutes to arrive to the scene of a crime. At which point the crime has already taken place and the police can only take a report.

This meetup group benefits anyone who travels locally or abroad alone, real estate agents, sales agents going door to door, high school students in urban areas, all women, freshmen entering college and anyone who live in a high crime area.

Take the time to complete one beginner workshop.

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