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Wondering what photographers do to make their work stand-out? Learning and innovation is a part of a photographers life and can make the difference between average and outstanding!

This Group will provide hands-on guidance with Shooting -

Large Format Film 4 X 5, Medium Format Film 120MM, 35 MM Film

Consolidating Gear

Outdoor Portraits with and without Lights

Basic Retouching

HDR (High Dynamic Range – Using multiple exposures to obtain a more evenly exposed image)

The Digital Darkroom – What it is and how it compares to Traditional Darkrooms

Building a Style Art of Personal Projects Portfolios – Why they are a key component of every photographer's toolkit

The Business of Photography Maximizing the Use of Social Media Promote Yourself The Logo and how it can Work to Complement Your Style Building a Website. The What’s, Why’s and How’s to Showcasing Your Work.

Networking - Connecting with the Top Photographers for Critiques and Continual Improvement How to Become Global.

The Importance of Curating Your Work – It’s Not what you Shoot, it’s what you Show.

Past events (3)

Meetup 3: Film Camera Practice, Medium and Large Format
Meetup 2: Practice Storytelling and Sequencing

The Impact Hub

Photo Curation and Review

The Impact Hub

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