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Hey Fellow Photographers! Do you often think of a great photoshoot location but either don't want to go solo for various reasons, and/or want a second set of eyes to discuss vantage point, technique, etc? Have you made plans to go shoot but later abandoned plans because you got too comfortable? Well charge your batteries and break out your list as this is your group!

This group is for anyone that wants to get out and shoot but would like company - whether you schedule an event months in advance, or last minute since you are going anyways. It is not run by the organizer, but by the members.

This group is for the Photographer that is:
> Beginner to advanced, with any kind of camera
> Will keep a commitment when you post for a (or several) PhotoBud(s) to join
> Wants to enhance their skills, and maximize available time for photography
> Break out of your comfort zones

> Safety in numbers
> Motivation and inspiration to just go shoot and not stay on the couch
> A resource to share and expand skills
> Exposure to a broad range of styles

Cost: $6.00 annually. (That's it!, Just about the cost of one fancy coffee drink!) All organizers pay a fee to organize their Meetup groups. As a member, your fee offsets Meetup's subscription fee. Annual membership fee is non refundable if you leave the group at any time. There is a two week trial period where you can join any event scheduled, but can not organize an event.


Upon joining and paying the annual membership fee ($6.00), you will be given access to set up and organize events. This is an honor system - please edit and manage ONLY your events.

You can set up photoshoots online or through the MeetUp app.

*Please note: as a member, you will receive an email each time an event is scheduled by fellow members. To change your email preferences, please go to Profile > Settings > Email Updates. (You can opt for a weekly email only, reminders, comments, etc.)

When you set up an event, you can: (There will be a separate PDF on this)

Edit the Meetup event details, list a maximum number of attendees and make location available only to members

Email members (only as it pertains to that Meetup event)

Post RVSP questions and view/share member answers to RSVP questions

Manage a waiting list for your event

Specify any participation cost(s) and at what point you will collect it. (In person at event to you or facility, Your own Venmo, Paypal, etc. account)

Add a file related to your eventAdd pictures post-event if you choose to share

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