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What we're about

PhotoXplora was founded by Bill Ulrich in Jan 2015. In Sept 2015 I, Dan Cheng picked up organizing duties. The members are photo enthusiasts who just like to shoot and have a good time doing it. Equipment and dogma is not our forte, community is and I welcome all. From the casual cell phone photographer to seasoned gray hairs. Variety is the spice of life and we can be spicy at times. Don’t be shy! Check us out; see our past events, contact a current member, ask a question.

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Take the plunge and join us at an event or two. I’m even hosting online meetings known as the Xplora Saloon.

Got a question send me a msg via MeetUps.

Guiding Principles

Events are Experienced based not Result Based. Did you have a good time? Did you make new friends? Did you learn a new technique or two? My hope is that, the answers are yes. Pictures didn’t work or what you expected, well that’s ok too. How was the experience? Didn’t have a great time? Well, send me a message and let’s talk.

I am about community I want great community of people not just “photographers”, photography is our glue. I hope membership means more to you than just a button click, more than just another group to join. I would like members to invest in some time and energy. But “How much time and energy?” you ask.

Well, that’s a valid question, and here’s a nebulous answer: As much or as little as you feel xPlora is worth. I envision xPlora as a community where we all can converse, lead, and act – be it photographically related or not. A community where it’s not just one person doing everything but everybody being involved, meeting, and contacting each other. Maybe it’s a simple “Hey how ya doing haven’t heard from you in a while?”

“Did you get that new camera?”

‘How do I ’fill in the blank’ in ‘fill in blank’ ? ”

“Hey anyone want to join me at 'fill in the blank', for a shoot?”

“Hey how did you get that shot?”

Does this all make sense to you?

Some more guiding principles

Hear, Listen & Think, before speaking.

Be open to new ideas, techniques, and SHARE them.

Be helpful to others.

Go ahead and Suggest/Ask Questions.

Be Brave and Willing, to suggest and host a meet up. I will help you.

Experiment and learn, try something new if it doesn't work that's ok. Did you learn from the failure? If yes then that's success.

Finally please leave the ego in the closet...;-)

Getting Involved – 5 “S”s

"Show-up" – Can’t have fun if you don’t show up, eh?

Get "Stoked" by what you see.

"Shoot" (awesomely) "Stuff".

"Socialize" at the shoot and after. While the Meet Ups is only one event…don’t be surprised if there’re after event shoots or get-togethers…Sometimes we eat, shoot some more, or even have a brew or two…(this will make your meetup experiences so much better not to mention the shooting.)

"Show-off/Share" (your shots as this is where we all learn from each other).


Dan Cheng


Who Am I?

Nope, nah, nadda;not a “professional photographer”. Photography does not pay my bills. I am an enthusiast, starting my photography journey back in the day of Fleetwood Mac and Elton John, with b/w film. Like many of my age, I began in high school learning the b/w basics, joining the school newspaper and yearbook staff etc…Then life happens and I got older; college, career, home and family were the prime focus of my life for many years.

Then 2006 happened, that was the year DSLRs became affordable. I am a proud Pentaxian and my first love is Pentax. However, I left my love, being seduced by the Canon 7D and it's autofocus. I drank the Canon kool aid and have been a Canon shooter ever since. For you gear heads, I live in the Canon and Adobe ecosystem. I shoot raw, and process with mostly Lightroom but have experimented with other post processing tools.

Philosophically my photography is a journey to capture memories, create/make images from a vision I have, and just to have fun. Like all journeys there are unexpected twists, turns, and maybe even a pothole or too. Occasionally I’ll round a corner and I am in a photographic nirvana such as being surrounded by a herd of mustangs. But I’ve also gone out and got nada, nothing, bumpkus, etc… but it’s all good. A bad day’s shooting beats a great day in the teleworking eh?

And that’s who I am…please feel free to contact me, in fact I welcome it. Even if you have a complaint or two….

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