What we're about

There are reasons for us to love photography:

• You find a way to express yourself better than words;

• You feel accomplished when you capture that candid moment;

• You love recording those beautiful memories;

• You are a visual person like us;

• You are looking for a side job that keeps you away from your TV;

• You are fascinated about what lights can do to the images;

• You love working with people and meet more people to hear their stories;

• You believe that photography can contribute to humanity;

• You want to immerse yourself in another world, there is no politics...

We are passionate about photography, new or experienced. We want to share our images, share our stories, share our practice because photography is a beautiful world.

This group is for everyone who are looking for a general group about photography. We will organize group shoots, networking events, workshops, happy hours, volunteer work for charities in different areas in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Events could be free; or could be charging a small fee depending on venue and speaker cost; or could be a charity event which you can find why we call this group Photographers with Compassion.

All questions and suggestions of events are welcomed. We welcome co-hosting opportunity as well. This is a platform to serve, not to gain.

I had also set up a Facebook Group for members who want to invite their friends and family to join the discussion and activities on Facebook. It could be a preferable way to post and communicate for some of us, too. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/photographerswithcompassion/

-- Theorina Li, Theogenic Photography

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