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Making Money From Photography
If you're thinking about turning your photography hobby into something that makes you some money on the side, or if you're dreaming of becoming a full time pro, I've developed a crash course which will introduce you to the areas you need to get right. A bit about me - I used to have a 'normal' job, and over time I made the switch to making my living from photography. It wasn't an easy journey, and this Meetup covers much of what I've learned along the way. I'll give real life examples of what I did at each step of the way and can also pass on the knowledge and experience of many other people I know who make their living from photography. This is not a scheme to get rich quick, but is a talk and a whole load of information which will set you off on the right path and get you thinking about the right things. We will cover: • Summary of the various ways you can make money out of photography, and their pros and cons. This will include some you haven't thought • How to start from scratch and build a portfolio. Tips to get started with your portfolio. • How to develop your portfolio, what you should include and what you shouldn't. • The importance of developing a style that will attract potential customers, including examples. • Website development options, what to include, and how to do it well. • Strategies to get found on the web when people are searching, also known as SEO. • Introduction to social media for photographers, and tips to manage your various channels • How to make customers happy and basic sales techniques. • Marketing, including how and where to find customers, the basics of branding • The importance of making a plan • Pricing • Advice on where to find good and reasonably prices people to help you with things like logo's, design, admin, editing and more • Considerations such as tax, record keeping, ltd companies, sole trader status and insurance requirements. Those brave enough can also have their current website / portfolio reviewed and commented on. As you can see it's a lot of content for a 2.5 hour Meetup. Each section will be around 10 mins with 5 mins Q & A after each section. Everyone who attends the Meetup will be sent a copy of the presentation. Bring a notepad!

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We run regular Meetups for all photographers, from complete beginners to aspiring professionals. Each Meetup focuses on certain skill areas, and the aim is to improve your photography whilst having fun.

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