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Grand Songs, Dong Villages and Periodic Rural Markets - Photo Expedition
- Photo Expedition To SE Guizhou, China 7 - 10 December, 2018 ( 7 - 9 three day option ) Join us to appreciate ethnic minority heritage and the authentic ways of life. This field visit will explore the remote hills in the southeast of Guizhou province of China where many of the spectacular ancient culture are still persisting. Highlights: - Polyphonic choral music - Periodic rural markets - Unspoiled nature and landscape - Miao, Dong and Shui minority groups - Wood-framed architecture, Dong drum tower and decorated covered bridge - Rich variety of ethnic costume styles - Most beautiful baby carriers - Elaborate embroidery skills, resist-dyeing, indigo paste making, indigo dyeing and cotton weaving - Non-commercial, live culture in natural setting - Non-touristy, most friendly people and real life - Onsite photo presentation and review session We will use local services and try our best to go in culturally and environmentally sustainable ways. Our interest is live culture in its natural setting and original social context. We may visit small villages improved by projects in sustainable scale. Those villages have been significantly transformed and developed are not for us. However we appreciate their amazing contribution in alleviating the impact of mass tourism on other heritage villages. For more information please link to:

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    Photography Expedition

    Through the art of photography, we enjoy learning about nature and culture with friends from different backgrounds in small groups. We mainly focus on butterfly, bird, Chinese festival and ethnic heritage with a digital camera system.

    Nature expeditions will bring us to wild places rich in natural heritage, special moments to witness magical processes of change, and spectacular views up close to tiny life forms.

    Culture expeditions within in Hong Kong are short trips at festival times to the great family clans, Hakka villages, fishing communities and also the Chaozhou and Hokklo neighbourhoods in old urban areas. Travelling further into the remote hills in SW China, we will participate exotic tribal festivities and experience the ancient ways of life such as folk music and singing, periodic rural markets, ethnic textiles and costume and as well as the unspoiled nature and mountain scenery.

    Presentations and workshops will further complement our understanding and experience from field expeditions.

    Practice your photography skills and join us to appreciate the wonders from nature and ancient Chinese custom. You will witness wildlife in amazing beauty and gain unique access to the people and traditions far off the beaten track.

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