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What we’re about

Photography Is Medicine was created by a combat veteran knowing that taking prescription medicine for the rest of his life will only address the symptoms while altering his true self. His formal Combat Camera education and training allowed him to find a new way to express himself and eventually lead him down a path of self-healing and continued self-development significantly lowering the need for medication. Life is a journey and Photography Is Medicine teaches others that capturing the moments around you can bring a smile to your face and reveal a new perspective. Instead of putting the majority of attention on shooting styles, Photography Is Medicine focuses on developing and strengthening skills like lighting, composition and framing so the world can see your vision! Photography Is Medicine welcomes everyone regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or disability; veterans are of course more than welcome! Shootings will be held in different locations directly in Philadelphia, as well as in the Greater Philadelphia area, so you'll be able to feel how various environments have different effects on each individual mood, mind, body and shooting style. Come out to capture the moment, learn and make friends with creative minds!