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What we're about

Hi everyone !!

This group was created to allow people with the same interest to meet to exchange tips, information and create a new network of contacts.
Will be organized different activities dedicated to photography:

- Meetings and discussions

- Photo walk for London

- Daily photo trips in nearby cities

- Shooting with models and make up artist - Portrait Photography

- Shooting with models and make up artist - Fashion Photography

- Shooting with models and make up artist - Black & White Photography

- Shooting with models - Street Photography

- Photography courses

- Visits to Museums, Exhibitions, Galleries

Everyone can participate

For any doubt write me
See you soon !!



- Everyone is welcome, everyone must respect everyone. There are rules to be respected and apply to everyone. - people who do not sign up to meet up will not be able to participate. If you decide to join at the last minute, you are always welcome but please write to me in that case to agree.

- People who arrive earlier and wish to have a coffee can certainly do it but without writing (I am at the bar, I am at the other bar, I am at the pub) having coffee, they are asked to return to the established meeting point.

- The group starts on time, at the most it waits 10 minutes. If you are late or have decided not to come, it would be nice to notify us with a message. In any case, you are welcome at any time (subject to registration or message arrangements) and your position will be sent to reach the group.

- who arrive later or register at the last moment must still pay the meet up cost.

-The group moves together, of course if you get lost I'm happy to send you the position. If you turn on your own and then send the photos "I have already arrived!" it does not make sense or is asked 15 times the position of the group because it is not followed.

- Every person who takes part in the meet ups is responsible for their own health and safety.

Past events (13)

Visit Royal Botanic Gardens di Kew - Photo & Walk

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Photowalk - the magnificent 7, Abney Park Cemetery

Abney Park Cemetery Trust

Photowalk - Mayfield Lavander

Mayfield Lavender Farm

Photowalk - the magnificent 7, West Norwood Cemetery

West Norwood Cemetery and Crematorium


Photos (151)