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Project52 2018 Week 46: Fear
Week 46: Fear - Image which show emotions or evoke them are powerful. Your challenge this week is to take a photo that pulls at our emotions and makes us all afraid. It might be a person and their expression, or an inanimate object. Lighting, lens selection, and camera angle can all affect mood in an image, so choose carefully and purposefully to create emotional images. (Upload by Nov 17) This is our weekly challenge project: to post a new and different image each week. RSVPing to the Meetup event is NOT necessary. To participate please GO TO THE FACEBOOK ALBUM. Each week there will be an assignment (starting on Sundays) that is intended to get everyone out shooting. Assignment themes may be interpreted however you wish (that's part of the fun) but the images should be new work that you have created during 2018. This project gives us a chance to step out of our comfort zone and be creative. All images should be shared in the Facebook group so that we can discuss what is good and can be improved, but we would encourage you to also post to the Flickr group and Instagram to the group hashtag #madisonphotographymeetup. Everyone who wants to participate in our year-long project is expected to share images and give feedback. WHAT TO DO? - Upload 1 to 3 images each week to the week’s Facebook album - Make sure to TITLE AND CAPTION your work. Tell us about your thoughts, technique, inspiration, etc. - Make sure to tag the images with #52in2018mpmg and any other hashtags that fit… how about #photographylife ? - Images should be uploaded by the Sunday a week after the challenges are announced. Don’t think too hard about these challenges, they should only take you a week at most to accomplish. - Participate in the discussion and give constructive feedback on the images posted by others. -for those who want an additional challenge, why don’t you try to “get it right in camera #straightoutofcamera, or take your photos only with a cellphone #cellphoneography, or step back in time and make it your last shot on the role of film #lastshot WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Take some time to review all the images in the album, like the ones you like, and offer some constructive feedback in the comments. Have fun!

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Fitchburg Public Library

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