• Let's actually meet so we can get to work on some projects!

    Coopersmiths (Poolside)

    Until we start meeting each other, doing projects and collaborating is not going to happen. This group was just started a few weeks ago, and now that we have over 20+ members, it's time to do everyone's favorite thing and meet some strangers. It's going to be super laid back, so don't worry about it. Bring some of your gear and let's get this community started! We'll talk about what kind of projects you have in mind, what your goals are, and what you're interested in. It could range anywhere from you're just getting started, to you're looking for videographers/photographers to collaborate with on a project this weekend. The goal here is to link up with like-minded individuals who you can share a passion with and together you can develop new skills, style, and make progress toward your goals, whatever they may be. We will be meeting around the stage area of downtown Fort Collins, in the square. They usually have some seating set up in front, so that will be the meeting point. You don't have to bring anything specific, but if you want to bring some of your gear, you're welcome to. I will wear a neon green shirt, so I'll be easy to spot. I know we all want to get straight to the collaborating and shooting, but we've got to meet each other first. I'll see you Thursday!