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Aspiring Photographers Academy is ideal for people who are willing to learn the basics of Photography, have newly acquired a digital camera and are now looking to improve their skillset. Some of the things to be covered:

1. Three step shortcut to taking a professional portrait.
2. Relation between light, the performance of the digital sensor.
3. Composition basics and different photography principles.
4. Rule of third, Golden ratio and other concepts.
5. Negative Space, leading space, leading lines and it's effects.
6. Depth of field, and it's relation to the exposure traingle.
7. Different metering modes and how your camera controls light using the exposure traingle.
8. Why/How the sensor operates under different lights.
9. Golden hour, blue hour and when to shoot what.
10. Basic concepts of night photography, landscapes, light painting, Studio work may be discussed if time permits.

Who SHOULD Join: Anyone from any age group, race, gender, ethnicity or nationality is welcome as long as you have a basic DSLR or a Bridge Camera or a Point & Shoot camera which allows you to control aperture and exposure settings.

Why This: I have been into photography for more than a decade now, with exhibitions at Prince of Wales Art Museum (Mumbai) among other exhibitions and publications. I've traveled many states and countries photographing all sorts of subject, now getting my feet wet (pun intended) into the world of underwater photography.

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In my experience, most amateur enthusiasts are highly motivated and require only a little guidance to take there work to the next level. The workshop is an attempt to pass on the knowledge I've developed since the last decade I've been associated with photography.

By the end of Day1, this course is guaranteed to change your perception of photography and how much there is to learn about it.

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