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Intro to Adobe Software for Photographers

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When: Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tuition: $65


______________________________________ your stunning digital image is one thing, but how do you file, rate, enhance and harness all of the digital power available for your work?

Join us at Calumet University for Intro to Adobe Software for Photographers and learn how Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS6 can manage your images and take your creativity to the next level. In this 3-hour class, you will learn how each program works, their differences and how they work together. These are essential workflow tools that every serious amateur and professional needs to make exceptional images. The course will teach you basic workflow processes from downloading an image to exporting for use on the web or print. Our instructor will demonstrate key concepts that you can follow on your computer or, if you do not own the software, watch closely as the instructor completes tasks and achieves some “WOW” creative results.

This class will quickly develop your understanding of the programs’ capabilities: how to choose the right program and work flow for you, and how to manage your images. You will explore Lightroom’s powerful catalog and attributes for rating, finding, and choosing images; spend time with the basic panel and learn how to work in the digital darkroom and how to export your images in the correct file format for its intended purpose.

Your instructor will also take you on an exciting tour of Photoshop CS 6 with a thorough grounding in the power of selections, masks, and layers. Working with real images, you will experience retouching and magic moves that make obstructions and distractions disappear. Finally, you will have the opportunity to see and understand how Lightroom and Photoshop CS 6 work together to create a powerful workflow combination to create a vision beyond documentation.

Course Takeaways
When you leave class this you will have an in-depth understanding of each program’s purpose and application, know which will work best for you, or both, and recognize the need for an organized workflow and file system.

You will receive a workbook, images for demonstrations and explore a variety of workflow situations.

Course Outline

What is workflow?

The Lightroom Interface and the seven production modules

How the catalog works for rating, finding and storing images

Exploring the basic panel

Exploring the local brush and gradient tools

Exploring the Photoshop Interface

Exploring the tools panel and tool options

Creating selections

Creating masks

Creating adjustment layer

Using Photoshop and Lightroom together


Laptop with both programs recommended but not necessary Paper, pencil for notes An open mind and a desire to learn
Tuition: $65


Essential Details:

When: Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tuition: $65


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