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The Photoresk - Brussels Photography Group wishes to invite all photographers and photo enthusiasts of all walks of life and skill level to join our meet-up club. Our Brussels Photography Group aims to bring beginner, amateur, semi-pro and also professional photographers together in a friendly atmosphere to share one common interest, the love of taking pictures! There's something for everyone here that loves photography - travel, people, landscapes, close-up, you name it, there will be a chance to discover it...

We also have a Group on Facebook a Page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Photoresk) and a Website (http://www.photoresk.com) where we share information

The Brussels Photography Group enables you to:

Learn about photography.

Practice and improve your photography skills and have fun shooting different themes.

Share information and tips on photography, post processing as well as printing.

Come to our walks and join our excursions.

Discover exciting new locations in Brussels and Belgium.

Meet-ups at many of Brussels awesome locations to discuss your beautiful images. Bring your USB and the organiser will bring the rest.

Compete in friendly contests where you can showcase your work.

Enjoy presentations from members and/or guest speakers.

New ideas and suggestions to improve the group are always welcome. It's a joint effort here to make the activities interesting, fun and engaging.

Upcoming events (4+)

Landscapes of Belgium - Heather of Kalmthoutse

Needs a location

In Europe open fields are often dominated by evergreen shrubs under the Calluna genus. Such plants in late summer are capable to cover entire hills with impressive magenta flowers and spread a magnificent smell. A real representation of a fairy tale, comparable to the blue bells of Hallerbos.

We will meet at the exit of the rail station Heide at 12:30. And from there we will walk inside the Grenspark Kalmthoutse Heide at the border with Netherlands.

From Brux.-Central you can take the train at 10:49 from platform 3 (IC 9231), and then change at Antwerpen-Centraal at 11:42 to take from platform 22 the S[masked] to Roosendaal at 11:50, and arrive at Heide at 12:15.
We don't set a finish time, is up to you and the circumstances. The way back is very easy and there is no risk to get lost. Trains to return to Brux.-Central are every XX:45 until 22:45.

Bring your lunch box and everything for a great summer day outdoors that can last until sunset, like plenty of water, sun cream and hat.

Cover photo credits to Peter Van Hoof.


Needs a location

Hello everyone,

On Sunday 28th we are teaming up with our "sister groups" from places near and far and together we are going to head over to Liège.

Some of you might be familiar with the railway station, an architectural masterpiece of Santiago Calatrava. We will spend time photographing it from every possible angle before moving on (by bus) to the second highlight of Liège: the Montagne de Bueren, a long set of stairs up a hill. On the bottom of the hill is a Brasserie, where we meet afterward to exchange with fellow photographers from Cologne, Aachen, and Brussels.

There will also be time to chat and drink (or "debrief" for the classy ones) before we take our respective trains back to whence we came.

For the Belgium-based folk, please check according to your departure point on www.sncb.be (team up and ask for the Duo promotion, where two people together travel for the price of one) or the Weekend-Ticket (return fare is 16,60€).
For those coming from Brussel, we aim to meet at Central Station Brussels in front of Starbucks at 09:45 to catch the IC-508 to Eupen 10:01, Platform 3, arriving in Liege at 11:00 (2 intermediate stops).

The provisional programme looks like this:

  • 09:45: Central Station Brussels in front of Starbucks
  • 10:01 Train to Liege
  • 11:00: Meeting fellow photographers at platform 1 in Liege
  • Taking pictures for an hour at the railway station
  • 12:12 bus stop liège guillemin of line 1 Quai A to get to Rue de la Cité at 12:32
  • 12:45 in front of the brasserie C (https://goo.gl/maps/H5g81oN2ovb8YmiC6) that is at the bottom of the stairs Montagne de Beuren
  • 13:45 meeting at the Brasserie C to catch a snack and talk to fellow photographers
  • 15:00 onwards - trains back home.

Of course, all the points above are optional. You don't need to come to any of these meeting points, but they help as an orientation if you get lost or if you like to meet again with the others. Talking the bus is easy, there are many buses and if you missed one you can take the next one (2,10 EUR two zones https://www.letec.be/, https://www.letec.be/View/Calculate_your_fare/2397, https://www.letec.be/View/Choosing_the_right_travel_document/241)

Did you know that our group in Brussels is just one of several photoresk groups? You can learn more about photoresk on the page https://www.photoresk.com/ or simply attend one of our Club Room Event sessions.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Liège!

Photoresk Club Room (online)

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It's photo-talk day! Come and join our casual zoom get-together with Happy Shutter's from everywhere :D
Tell your stories, share your work, ask questions and meet other photo enthusiasts.

Photoresk Club Room (online)

Link visible for attendees

It's photo-talk day! Come and join our casual zoom get-together with Happy Shutter's from everywhere :D
Tell your stories, share your work, ask questions and meet other photo enthusiasts.

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