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The Sun in Your Pocket - Introduction to Flash

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Ian Murray Photography

201 Oak Street · Pembroke, MA

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Enter through the EMTS door and head for the second floor

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The Sun in your Pocket

A workshop on mastering Flash - Nikon and Canon are both welcome

If you’re at all curious about flash and want to have a complete introduction to how to use it in your photography then this one day intensive is for you.

Don’t have a Speedlight of your own – no problem, there are a handful available for you to try out during the class.

Specifically tailored for Canon and Nikon Speedlight users this class may cover:

•The best uses for on- and off-camera Speedlights

•Deciding between Manual and E-TTL flash control

•Putting Flash Exposure Compensation to use

•Grip gear for Speedlites - from ultra-portable to ultra-sturdy

•On-flash modifiers: grids, snoots, diffusers, ringlight adapters, etc.

•Off-flash modifiers: umbrellas, softboxes, diffusion panels, reflectors, beauty dish, etc.

•Using your Speedlights bounce and zoom as a light modifier

•Corded solutions for moving your Speedlite off-camera

•Sorting out radio triggers: dumb vs. intelligent

•Setting up the flash as a wireless Master

•Setting up the flash as a wireless Slave

•Organizing multiple Speedlites with Groups and Channels

•All the Syncs: High-speed, 1st-curtain, 2nd-curtain, Slow-speed

•Custom functions: optimizing your Speedlites

•Strategies for portrait lighting

•Strategies for product / food lighting

•Strategies for event / wedding photography

•Fill-flash techniques

•Using gels for color correction and dramatic effects

•Battery charging and storage

•One-, two-, three-Speedlight kits (and beyond!)

•Gang light: the how and why of firing a large number of Speedlights together

•Using Speedlights with studio lights

Suitable for all levels, you will receive expert instruction on how to get the best from your Speedlight in a host of situations.

At the end of the workshop you will feel confident setting your Speedlight’s controls to get the best shot you can get. You will know the advantages and disadvantages of TTL versus Manual operation and will have experienced the many ways in which your speedlight can be modified.