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FLAPJACK FRIDAY Why Not? Going to Flapjack's in Fountain Hills


<>View Larger Map (,+Phoenix,+AZ&daddr=33.7236652,-112.0101168+to:33.7414469,-111.7087366+to:16605+E+Palisades+Blvd,+Fountain+Hills,+AZ&geocode=FWa0AQId1QVS-Sn3AL_Wzm8rhzH7cKJURsDrag%3BFRGVAgIdfNxS-Sl7MvTuj3orhzE12SrQOACCcA%3BFYbaAgIdwHVX-SnDAzyi4ZorhzE_1bjrXT9OQg%3BFWXSAAId5UBX-SmbIdokiZgrhzEpFKelX-FsYA&aq=1&oq=1&sll=33.62564,-111.893713&sspn=0.288163,0.602188&t=h&hl=en&mra=dpe&mrsp=1&sz=11&via=1,2&ie=UTF8&ll=33.62564,-111.893713&spn=0.288163,0.602188)

I know you all have question. What if I sign up for the ride and it gets cancelled again?

What if it doesn't rain when it is supposed to? What if it is below 70 degrees, will I have to wear chaps and electric gloves?

All good questions but I have no plan to answer them, just show up and we'll get some flapjacks at Flapjack's. Guaranteed this ride will not be cancelled unless something changes, (paraphrased from a government regulation, circa 1963).


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