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    This group is for socializing science among general people by spreading scientific reasoning and facts. Starting from concrete to abstract concepts, discussions and workshops would be organised depending on degree of participation of members of the group. But, the first thing first, I am here to form a core group of learned people who are open minded and have deep understanding of their subjects or open to learn something new with ability to make someone aware and learn.
    First, we would start with casual meetings and then see with whom we could go along. Please, don't come with the expectation that something fancy, decorated and money loaded person/organisation is here. Only Knowledge and your active participation count here. Please, society needs intellectuals and their selfless knowledge more than ever.

    For everyone:

    This page is dedicated to all those persons who want to make a better world for the upcoming generation through learning and education. It is just an effort for the enhancement of understanding of our world. We always see this world through the different kind of lenses of science, society and technology. And having all of these we always have a pair of glasses of culture that is hard to remove. My main attention would be to bring all aspect of the life and the nature at one single point and to testify them by rational thinking and empirical knowledge.

    I will always try to spread my knowledge and thinking at all level of age, social and cultural group. But I cannot do it alone, so your support by knowledge, thoughts and views would be desired and appreciated.

    If you want to share anything that may help in the learning of any age, social or cultural group you may send your content at-

    But I request you to not to be abusive and personal while sending your content as this site is only for the learning purpose.

    Thank you

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