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Imagine living in an airy loft here in the City with a bunch of chill, friendly, fellow engineers. Leave for work in the morning to grind out code for Google... Come home and talk shit about the big G, muse on personal projects, or just watch Silicon Valley on a big ass screen. Imagine a group of engineers who work with the same technologies and have an interest in shaping its future. A W3C of its own, in one house, drafting up specs for ES7. It's time to have fun, change the game, and most importantly: to not be alone in a City fixated on models, jocks, actors, and douchepackers. This is that core circle of friends you've been looking for; the ones who get you, who co-habitat your Matrix-like experience of reality, who support you and want to grow with you. That's Pi Omicron Pi, the fraternity for nerds. Are you interested?

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