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This extraordinary meetup offers meditation through the art of beautiful piano music.

For those that love to feel, local pianist and composer Wayne Joseph Kington offers a beautiful array of compositions and improvisations played live to take you on an inward journey. In his own words: "I have a very intuitive style of playing that comes from the heart and from a place of joy, being and feeling. I let feeling take over the music, you might say, I want expression to be the composer. I believe that the mind should get out of the way, so that something more authentic can come through."

Wayne has been playing the piano since he was very little, where it came completely naturally. His style of music is described as post-minimalist or new-romantic, it is multi-layered, moving and heart felt. However, something else also comes through the music that leads people into deeply felt meditative experiences.

The piano sessions start at 7 p.m. (you are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes early) and last for two hours with a half-way intermission. They are mostly Wayne's own compositions and improvisations and the material offered evolves over time. It isn't a traditional performance nor is it a traditional meditation event. It is both.

The $25 dollar admission helps support the artist. The venue comes with cushions, matts and blankets but bring extra if you want to be extra comfortable.

And please RSVP or un-RSVP if you can't make it, as there are limited spaces in the studio.

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