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Play your Heart OUT! Click this link (or cut and paste into your browser) for all the places to play in the Syracuse, NY area! https://cnynorthpickleball.myfreesites.net/ ***Keep in mind these other venues are not coordinated by Pickleball Syracuse!

Pickleball SYRACUSE recreational games (all levels of ability play together) are available outdoors at Ellis Field in the Village of East Syracuse on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 pm to 7:30pm (from May until October). For members that are Covid Aware feel free to Social Distance or wear a mask! All Covid protocol dictated by the village of East Syracuse will be honored.

Our style of play: Fun, gentle exercise with enjoyable socializing. If you aren’t experiencing these priceless benefits please let your Pickleball Syracuse Coordinators (Brian & Jarek) know!

Who do we cater to? People of all ages, genders, colors, religions, races, sexual preference and skill levels.

Who is Pickleball Syracuse? We are a ZERO profit organization! We don’t collect dues or charge entry fees. We don't require anyone to sign up or to make reservations. We play with whoever shows up! We arrive early and leave late so we can play our favorite game with you! Our coordinators keep you up to date on when and where we are playing (or when we are having a special clinic or tournament) on this page. Our Facebook group also features enormous amounts of information! The Pickleball Syracuse leadership committee puts their biggest effort into family and work obligations first and then comes bringing the amazing and addictive sport of Pickleball to the masses!

Who we serve: Ellis Field (Village of East Syracuse) and formerly the Manlius YMCA.

Our biggest concerns: INJURIES! Pickleball is not a game without health risks. Members should always be prepared prior to play by stretching etc… Members should also know their personal limits and refrain from lunging or chasing down difficult shots.

What we appreciate: Upbeat and positive attitudes. Help in setting up and breaking down nets and equipment. We love hearing about your great experiences! If you don’t have an optimal time with us we also welcome your solution based feedback.

What is Pickleball? If you enjoy tennis, ping pong or badminton this new and upcoming sport is easy to learn!

The sport requires no previous sporting experience - only a willingness to have fun while enjoying the secondary benefits of a mild workout and lots of laughter!

Pickleball is a game resembling tennis (on a much smaller court) in which players use paddles to hit a perforated plastic ball (like a wiffleball) over a net that is slightly lower than a tennis net.

Games are most often played as doubles. Our games go to either 9 or 11 depending on how many people are waiting to play.

The game is played on a court with similar dimensions as badminton.

The paddles are small yet bigger than a ping pong paddle.

To learn more about the game, Youtube offers a fantastic array of skills to learn and games to watch. You can also find our same group on Facebook at Pickleball Syracuse! https://www.facebook.com/groups/17008454935 ...


Brian Leonard (Thel) and the Pickleball Syracuse Leadership Committee

Brian/Thel is a USAPA Pickleball Ambassador at Ellis Field in the Village of East Syracuse

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