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This group is for writers and illustrators actively developing their skills and pursuing publication (traditional or self). Whether you're a novice or seasoned professional, participating in a critique group is invaluable. Critiques are an instrumental part of the writer/illustrator's journey. Developing connections with peers willing to offer informed, candid evaluations of our work is vital to our growth and success. Please keep in mind, picture books generally target children up to 8 yrs. and average 50 to 1,000 words.

Please note: Prior to membership you will be required to submit a sample of your work to ensure compatibility and committment.


Meetings will be held on the 1st Saturday of every month in Roseville.


• Connect with fellow members for inspiration and motivation.

• Act as accountability partners to achieve goals.

• Offer honest, thoughtful feedback in an encouraging and positive manner.

• Develop your ability, productivity and creativity in a nurturing environment.

• Be prepared, focus on the group's objective and use the meeting time wisely.


• RSVP via Meetup (required)

• Please arrive on time. We break into groups and disburse manuscripts; arriving late is disruptive.

• Writers: Bring 6 copies of your double-spaced manuscript to distribute. Critiques will be noted and returned to the author.

• Illustrators: Present your work for critique in any manner you deem appropriate.

• 15 minutes will be allotted to each submission. The author or the person to their left will read the manuscript aloud. A few minutes will be provided for written critiques, verbal critiques will begin. Illustrators will display their work, explain the concept behind it, verbal critiques will begin.

• Keep an eye on time to ensure everyone's work is reviewed. A critique leader will be assigned to monitor time and guide the group to stay on track.


• Use the sandwich method: start with something positive, then provide constructive criticism, and end with something positive. Always be respectful and kind.

• Offer useful feedback. Provide examples and be as specific as possible.

• Don't get hung up on grammar and punctuation. Line editing is not the critique group's job.

• Avoid rewriting scripts or re-imagining artwork. Simply point out problem or weak areas and provide feedback. The critique is intended to spotlight areas for potential improvement without diluting the voice/vision of the writer/illustrator.

• A good critique group will trust the intentions of its members and appreciate the candid feedback. We are all professionals and value the advice of our peers. With that in mind, we are also creatives and our work is highly personal. We should inspire each other to create our best work by offering equal measures of critique and encouragement.

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