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I have created a weekly home game (without a rake) for anyone who wants to play low stakes No Limit Texas Hold 'em (NLH), but not wanting to break the bank.

Pineapple Poker is a friendly, non-intimating meetup group for anyone who loves playing NLH. I will not allow a rake nor require a minimum, but I will advise to bring enough to join in on the fun action.

The NLH format will either be cash or tournament style games and will be located in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. I welcome anyone who is interested to please email me at Gua3488@gmail.com or text me at 302-598-9771.

Again, this is a home game so for security, I will screen out any riffraff.

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.50/1 Low Stakes Poker Meetup - No Rake

Pineapple Poker Group

.50/1 Low Stakes Poker Meetup - No Rake!

Pineapple Poker Group

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