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Neighborhood events and outings. Meet your neighbors and create community right where you live. All ages, singles, and families are welcome. Live in Pinehurst/Victory Heights or close-by in the North-east area so we can create a closer, more connected community. Everyone can suggest an event, play-date, dog-walk, outing, potluck, or whatever you are interested in doing with neighbors.

Here's some tips for making this a great group:

1. All members should try to host one event a month. Some months are busier than others, so it's okay to miss some, but if we are all inviting others to meetups there will be a lot more to choose from and lots of opportunities to meet each other. Plus there will always be something on the calendar that you like to do! Please don't rely on me, the organizer, to set up all the events. I set up the group for us, but cannot arrange all your activities. The meetups can be simple, and it should be easy for everyone to give it a try! I have some ideas below to get you started.

2. If you list a meetup, then you need to be present to host, meet and greet people. So yes, you can invite neighbors to hear your band play at a club if you arrive early and welcome the neighbors. Please don't post events as a form of advertising where you will not be present to host, thanks!

3. If you are hosting something at your home, please don't list the address on the meetup event itself. You can email the people who say they will attend with the address privately. Anyone can join this meetup, so please use caution and common sense. This is one reason why I want everyone to host at least one event a month. If we are all active in the group, we will come to know each other quickly. If you're unsure, host events in public places first.

4. You can set limits on how many people can attend your event. If you only want to host 2-3 neighbors, then set that parameter when you create the event. A waitlist will be created if more people want to come than are available spaces. You can also list the expected cost. As the host, you aren't expected to pay for admission, food or drinks.

So here are ideas for some events:

-Invite neighbors to a favorite neighborhood restaurant to share conversation over a meal.

-Invite neighbors to walk, bike, jog, sled, etc

-Invite neighbors with children to playgrounds or other kid events around town.

-Have a coffee hour at a neighborhood coffee shop to talk, knit, play cards, etc.

-Invite neighbors to events you enjoy--a music show, an art exhibit, etc. These might not be in the neighborhood, but bonus if they are!

-Send me ideas to add to this list!

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Pinehurst Book Club - Parable of the Sower

Hellbent Brewing

The 3rd book from the second survey of the Pinehurst Book Club! This month: Parable of the Sower, by Octavia Butler Current plan is to meet Monday evenings, every 6 weeks or so with a bit of variation depending on the length of the books and the Bushwick schedule. On that note, we're also reading several books that are features this season in the Bushwick Book Club schedule. Entirely optional but some people will also be attending their musical performances based on the books we're reading. The next book in the series will be our third book, Parable of the Sower. Or more specifically the sequel. But it could still be fun to attend and try to read both if you've got the time. But we'll be discussing the first one at our event. http://thebushwickbookclubseattle.com/event/parable-of-the-talents-apr-20/ Upcoming Books: 1: Another Country, by James Baldwin 2. Moonglow, by Michael Chabon 3. Parable of the Sower, by Octavia Butler 4. So You Want to Talk About Race, by Ijeoma Uluo 5. Ms Marvel, by G. Willow Wilson 6. Factfulness, by Hans Rosling

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Pinehurst Book Club - Moonglow

Hellbent Brewing

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