What we're about

This is first and foremost a SOCIAL group designed to connect people and form friendships. Most of the events that will be posted will be of a social nature: think kayaking excursions, happy hours, dinners, beach days, festivals and concerts and bar crawls (whenever the world gets back to normal), house parties, boat parties, etc.

This is NOT a political activism group, though I will post events pertaining to local candidates running for office, etc.

I chose conservatism as the common denominator because I want local conservative friends in my life. I don't need any more liberal friends. They're exhausting. I'd like to hang out around a fire pit with a beer and not get into a useless argument about Trump or how everything is racist and misogynistic, you feel? ;) My hope is that you joined this group with similar intentions. It's about making friends, and what better friend to have than a conservative friend?

The events I listed in the previous paragraph are things we like to do or want to start doing, so that is what I see for this group. Participate in the activities you want to participate in. Organizers contribute by investing time and energy into making events. Members must contribute by posting a current, close up photo and submitting $10 annual dues. We also ask that you contribute by suggesting events, being friendly, and telling your conservative friends about us.

As conservatives, we believe in the following:

*Limited government
*Freedom to assess our own level of risk when we go out in public (We do not support the local mask mandate)
*Constitutional right to bear arms
*Constitutional right to worship in spite of a public health "crisis"

We reject the following:

*idea of "white privilege"
*woke culture
*cancel culture

We love America. We stand for our flag. In a nutshell, we're proud patriots! And we're ready to connect with other local proud patriots!

You must keep a personal/recognizable photo of yourself posted to your profile at all times. This allows us to recognize you at events and make you feel welcome. Member profiles without photos are subject to deletion.

Also, I'm an advocate for RSVP responsibility. If you say you'll attend an event, put it on your calendar and show up. If your plans change, update your RSVP to 'no' but please don't be that person who does it 5 minutes before the event starts. Repeated last minute RSVP changes or 'no shows' will result in removal from the group.

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HOB Brewing 2nd Friday Night Market

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Dinner at Indian Restaurant

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