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Pong at Silver Dollar Pizza Co. on Tuesday
Silver Dollar charges $1 for ping-pong and requires food or drink purchase. I will bring extra paddles when I attend. Silver Dollar has some worn paddles they lend out. pay the parking meter until 7:00 pm. On nights the Timbers play this time is extended. The meter will indicate the extended time. On Lovejoy street and other distant streets, no $ pay is required, but often a 1-2 hour limit is enforced until 7:00 pm (this end time is now extended on Timbers days).

Silver Dollar Pizza Company

501 NW 21st Ave · Portland, OR

What we're about

I have found a great way to meet people is to enjoy activities together. Ping Pong is a great way for competitive active people to find each other. To network businesses, find social partners, or just to let off some steam and have some fun! You should join if you are an active adult with any level of Ping Pong experience.

If someone else would like to host a a meetup at a venue that's fine with me. Just let me know and I'll set you up as an event organizer.

If you would also like to be an event organizer for the ping pong group, I will set you up so you can do that.

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