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There is an interest in members connecting to play ping pong outside of a scheduled meetup.

I am open to ideas on how to do this ... I will post a discussion item ... please add your thoughts if you have any re this.

But for now, I thought we can create this meetup.

It has an arbitrary date set two years in the future so it remains on the calendar.

Sign up for this meetup if you wish to be on the roll for other members to contact. Those signed up can either message others individually ... or post a comment which all will see ... such as "Let's play at Pips and Bounce on Saturday at 2:00". Those interested can post a comment to that thread.

People can reply to that specific comment in re to the time/place. It will be up to all those signed up to arrange on where to play, and to pay for their time slot if the venue requires payment. Replying to the specific comment is best ... as all members receive comments on the top level and it will be annoying to be receiving too many comments.

I think it would be helpful to change your profile message in the group ... stating your level of play ... 1-10 (1 on the beginner side, and 10 as Champion!) You don't need to do that if you don't want ... but when posting and reading posts you will want to know if it is for all player grades or just one.

This sort of idea would work just as well for beginners as it would for advanced/intermediate levels. If you are a beginner ... and this group has a lot of them ... you can state that your suggestion is only for beginners. And you can also limit the number of attendees ... though this is a bit iffy since all meetup groups have an issue with no-shows.

I expect to be hosting meetups in the future ... and I think Mike and possibly others might continue to do so ... but this gives others an opportunity to be flexible and spontaneous in their connecting with others.

We will see how it goes ... and posting your thoughts to the discussion item would be great. You can also send suggestions to me. But give me a few days to respond to personal messages.

Be mindful of buying food and drink at establishments where either are available. When you go out to play pool it is rarely free in town ... so why should playing ping pong be any different? They also take up as much or more space than a pool table. So for those places where it is free to play, don't wear out your welcome ... support the establishment.

Be aware that venues around town have dedicated league times and group parties that you should be aware of before you schedule amongst yourselves.

** Paddle Palace has listed on their website places to play in Portland **

St. Peters Church ... Portland Tennis Club has places around town including this one in the church basement. 10 tables. They will soon be moving to the church gymnasium, with their open hours changing slightly. For die-hards ... no drinks or food are sold here, but $10 buys you as many hours of play as you want on a given day ... as a PTC member it is only $5.

Sellwood Pub at Tacoma/13th ave SE.

Hobnob Grille was where this group got started. Play is free so be sure to support the business by buying food and/or something to drink. I suggest small groups of 2-4 here ... as not to overwhelm the staff and our good friend Jason ... the owner. If you don't plan on buying food and drink please do not play here. No business can survive without its patrons.