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An asexual (“ace”) is a person who doesn't experience sexual attraction, or who experiences low or rare interest in or desire for partnered sexual activity. An aromantic (“aro”) is a person who doesn't experience romantic attraction, or who experiences low or rare interest in or desire for romantic interaction. “Asexual” and “aromantic” are umbrella terms used to categorize a broader spectrum of various sub-identies, such as “gray” (experiencing sexual or romantic desire in rare or indeterminate circumstances) and “demi” (experiencing sexual or romantic desire only after an emotional bond has been established).

For more information regarding asexuality, please see the AVEN (Asexuality Visibility and Education Network) (http://www.asexuality.org) website.

For more information regarding aromanticism, please see Aromantic FAQ - AVENwiki (http://www.asexuality.org/wiki/index.php?title=Aromantic_FAQ)

Pioneer Valley Aces, Aros & Allies (PVAAA) is a confidential group; only members can see information on other members and on our meetups. PVAAA exists to:

• Build community among asexuals ("aces”) and aromantics (“aros”) in the Pioneer Valley who want to be with others who understand their sexual / emotional orientation, who want to liberate it from societal ignorance and oppression, and/or who want to find friendships, partnerships, or other relationships of their own design.

• Provide a safe space for those who sincerely want to explore whether the term “asexual” or “aromantic” fits for them.

The Pioneer Valley is Amherst, Northampton, Greenfield, and Springfield, Massachusetts, and surrounding areas.

• We work for acknowledgement and acceptance of asexuality and aromanticism as normal expressions of human sexuality and emotion.

PVAA is committed to values of inclusivity, intersectionality, and social justice. We welcome members of diverse sexual and romantic orientations, gender identities, races, religions, nationalities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and abilities.

If you would like to communicate online with local aces and aros in a more private manner, message the organizer with your Facebook name to receive an invitation to the PVAA secret Facebook group. To see our public Facebook page, search on Facebook for "Pioneer Valley Aces."

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