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This group is for individuals who are learning English but don't speak fluently or sound like a foreigner because of their accent.

Practicing English with another English learner may not get you far so we have decided to create a group where you get to learn and practice directly from Native English Speakers!

Today you may need to speak English to be able to socialize, be able to land a job, get around the city, express your ideas, speak on the phone, etc etc. It won't be possible to have the desired outcome of your goals unless and until you speak swiftly without hesitation, with neutral accent.

In many of the circumstances you need to speak English like a Native and this is exactly our aim!

We will help you speak proper English with correct pronunciations so no one can guess whether it is your second language. We are group of Native English Speakers to help you get speaking English Pitch Perfectly!

Our aim is simple: Turn you into a Native Speaker!

Our aim is simple: Turn you into a Native Speaker!

There will be 2 hours session with 15 mins break. You will engage in role model script discussion on the topic theme.

Part 1: Role playing on the discussion topic with help of Native English Speaker.

Part 2: Practicing to speak fluently with help of Phonetics with right pronunciation, of course also with help of Native English Speaker : )

Bonus Activity: Fun Game

**The Native Speaker will help you with pronunciations and fluency as we go along.

Bring an essay on the topic if you wish to be checked by us!

We aim to hold two to three English speaking sessions per week. Join and come along! Show up regularly to get the most benefit.

Please note: We believe that learning a new language is an art. It requires time, effort and dedication. It is for serious learners. You would have to follow the set activities in the sessions and you will be getting practice homework.

Disclaimer: Native Speakers are not teachers they are merely sharing their life experience with other members of the group. By joining to the group you understand and agree to this term.

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