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Are you an entrepreneur planning to woo professional or Angel investors? Does your job require frequent presentations or public speaking tasks? Has your Headhunter told you that your resume is outstanding, but you interview poorly? The 21-century demands so much more from everyone involved in business. The late Steve Jobs has changed the world of business in an almost unnoticed but highly disruptive way. All members of an organization are now expected to act as branding agents for products. Look at CES 2012, thousands of behind the scenes men and women were expected to create a “REALITY DISTRORTION FIELD” for new products. Even today’s investors want to invest in someone who can sell their product with charisma. In a google-based world, features and benefits presenting and selling will ensure professional failure.

In this world you need an edge! Expect a warp speed jump in your ability to present, persuade, lead others (leadership) and get your ideas across to an audience of one or many. Face-to-face communication is where term sheets are traded.

Effective Pitching and Presenting NEEDS Persuasion Knowledge

This NOT just another meetup group, but expect a doorway into high horse power persuasion training. You will learn to design, package and deliver your message for any audience. Persuasion science— All communication is Brain to Brain. Would you ever use an ATM blindfolded? Why would you conduct important communications without first understanding how your words and body affect other brains. When persuasion is done right, it is absolutely invisible to your audience. Persuasion is about moving your audience attention and viewpoint towards your goals.

Build Amazing Self-expression skills with Stage presence

Pitching with Persuasion Art and science

Investor motivations recognition and message packaging

Narrative crafting

Subliminal communication

Defeat Fears and Anxieties

This meetup group is your opportunity to overcome fears and anxieties around public presentations using rapid change techniques. We do NOT use quick motivational fixes were you fall flat on your face the next day.

Get Fast Results

A number of accelerated learning formats are used to help you achieve your communication goals in a cost and time effective manner. We use a learn-by-doing process of running simulations that mirror the conditions you must present within.

Team pitching will also be covered—do you have a team or group of people that must present to investors. Come as a group and train in your roles and skills together.

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