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PITT MEADOWS BUSINESS MASTERMINDS would be best suited for those individuals who are running, interested in starting a business or just learning more about local businesses AND share the following BUSINESS VALUES and BELIEFS:

(1) You believe in the LAW OF RECIPROCITY. You are prepared to engage constructively with your fellow members in a group setting and individually to learn about their unique needs and how you can support them to become more successful. In return members should reciprocate by engaging and learning about you and your business, your unique needs and asking what it is that they can do to support and help you to become more successful. As a group, your success becomes our success.

(2) You are ACCEPTING and RESPECTFUL of others. You are the type of person who likes to smile, says what they will do, does what they say they will do and says please and thank you. In other words you are SINCERE and GENUINE.

(3) You are COMMITTED. Once you have had the opportunity to meet other members and experience the format, if it feels right for you and you enjoy it, be committed by attending, participating and contributing to meetings regularly. The strength of the group is with its membership not with one individual person.

(4) You are OPTIMISTIC. I believe there is tremendous potential within in every single individual and everyday we should all try to give more then we take. This makes our world a little bit better everyday.

(5) The Mastermind component will focus on SHARING our successes and challenges. We can have constructive dialogue and share perspectives. Together we can support and learn from each other, and when it is right for you identify our personal and business goals and objectives and ultimately be accountable to each other.

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