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For want of a better word I am using the term antipsychiatry. Some of us were deeply harmed by the Mental Health System. We want to see an end to force and an end to the human rights violations done to us. We are tired of the labeling which causes us harm. We are tired of being treated as second-class citizens. We are tired of being called defective and diseased. We do not agree that human psychic suffering should be reduced to a medical illness that has no scientific basis. We are tired of the stereotyping and discrimination.

We demand change, an end to incarceration, and end to drugging or any so-called "treatment" done by force. an end to low expectations and being treated like children. We demand that the traumas and devastating consequences that the System produced be recognized. We demand independence from the System. We will not sell out, nor back down, nor comply to psychiatry any longer.

If you consider yourself an ex-patient or psychiatric survivor you are welcome to join.

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