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The purpose of the group is to build a “harmlessness muscle” of mindful compassion, understanding, respect, gratitude, honesty, cooperation and goodwill or enhance these qualities within the group. We then carry the essence of these positive qualities out into our environment, with the built up power of group harmlessness behind us, in every thought, word and deed. These qualities act as a positive counter-force to the negative attitudes of hate, intolerance, fear, separateness, extremism, and violence that are rising in some segments of our society.

In her book "Positive Harmlessness in Practice" from which we will read and comment, psychologist Dr. Dorothy Riddle offers many pragmatic exercises and insightful commentary that invite group discussion, questions and sharing in developing and applying positive harmlessness qualities in everyday practice.

If you are interested in building a group “harmlessness muscle” and being a force for change in your environment, as it has been said, “change yourself, change the world” join the group “Mindful Positive Harmlessness in Practice.”

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