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August 2022 Lightning Talk Night

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We'll host up to a dozen presentations 5-10 minutes long. We'll try to keep it to 90 minutes but we will probably run over!

We will record and are likely to stream live on YouTube, so subscribe to get the notification when we're live if you just want to watch: https://youtube.com/c/codeandsupplyco/live

The evening's presenters and their presentations:


Saying NO
by Jean Lange

I LOVE to say 'yes'. But if I say yes to everything, I can't meaningfully accomplish/enjoy/participate in anything, and I've effectively said no to it all. How can I say 'no' so that my 'yes'es are meaningful? Knowing how to say 'no' thoughtfully, clearly, and effectively is one of the most important skills a person who wants to say 'yes' can have.

From 0 to 1: Cloud Computing Fundamentals
by David Amaya
New to the cloud? This talks aims to demystify the core concepts of the cloud. You will walk away with a knowledge of what the cloud is, what IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS actually mean, and how to get started in the cloud. From 0 to 1” aims to teach technical topics to non-technical audiences.

Python Multitool
by Craig Lang

There are four built-in functions and a module that makeup a "Python Multi-tool": help, dir, type, id, and inspect.

Whether you are new to Python or have years of experience, these five tools are very helpful when learning something new in the language. Easy to use and often overlooked for use by tutorials, these are powerful allies that will be (re)introduced to you in this talk.

A Brief Talk About Nothing
by Teal Larson

Null, 0, and an empty set walk into a bar...
We'll dip our toes into a SQL query that just didn't work how a customer wanted it to, a 60 second overview of set theory, and then look at some crimes against SQL to make an empty set pretend it's 0. We'll also talk about why you probably don't want to do these things with SQL after all.

Practitioner Perspectives on Ethical Concerns
by Derrick Zhen

Faced with a flood of AI-related harms, there have been increasing calls for software practitioners to be sticks in the mud against ""unethical software"". But how do practitioners actually resolve ethical issues in real life? We spoke to 18 developers in order to better understand how developers recognize and act on ethical issues in the workplace; as well as what factors make these resolutions more or less successful.

Managing an open source project with a lot of drive-by commits
by Sarah Withee
I'll talk about running Code Thesaurus, an open source project that attracts a large number of high-value, one-time contributors and how I've managed the influx so far.

Art and Technology Events in Pittsburgh
by Michael N.

Overview of past events, ideas for future events, ideas for collaborations with other cities.

This Month In Nerdery and Nerd Nite Pittsburgh
by Rorry Brenner

I'll share some things I've learned in a segment I present at Nerd Nite Pittsburgh.


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Build Night

Needs a location

Let's get together and build some awesome stuff with code. We'll hold an impromptu co-working space where you can work on a project, pair, learn, and mingle. You can hack on anything! Any language, framework, public/open-source, personal, etc. You don’t have to have an idea to hack on! You’re more than welcome to come just to pair with someone.

Build Night is built for all skill levels. Come with what you know. If you have something you're interested in learning, Build Night is a good place to do so because there will be experts in the room to help with just about anything.


6:00 - Doors Open
We don't expect everyone to be on time. Walk-in, grab some food, meet someone at your table.

6:30 - Project Introductions
Tell the room who you are and what you're working on

6:40 - Build Session
Check out the projects that interested you from the introductions, welcome someone to pair with you, or continue chatting with the people around you.

8:45 - Closing Circle
We'll talk about what we did, even if it's nothing!

Project Inspirations

  • Work on some open-source projects that you use that could use some help exercising their new-developer onboarding.
  • Pick an issue tagged help-wanted in the repo for an open-source project you use daily.
  • Create a dotfiles repo to contain your software toolbox
  • Find a generative art project, learn how it works, and create your own art by making small changes to it.
  • Talk about open source projects you're working on with others.
  • Ask C&S about what open source projects we have that could use some brains.
  • Work on building a presentation for a C&S Meetup
  • Learn more about C&S Compensation Survey and how you can help make it a success

Things not to do:

  • Ask for homework help and expect in-depth help. Some participants may be willing to help a little with programming homework but please expect to work on your homework by yourself maybe with some nudges.
  • Ask participants to sign up for a free trial for your non-open-source commercial product to try it out. Any commercial solicitation requires prior arrangements with C&S.

Conduct Policy

We expect all participants to follow these rules within all Code & Supply venues and events, virtual or in-person, and within all official Code & Supply communication channels.

Code & Supply is dedicated to providing an enjoyable event for everyone and expects participants at our events to act in a way that promotes an environment that is harassment-free, safe, comfortable, and enjoyable to be a part of.


Please RSVP Yes if you really truly are planning to come, as we have limited space due to continued COVID-19 precautions.

Get Hooked! Using the Right WordPress Actions

Needs a location

WordPress makes things easy, but it’s a well-oiled racing machine beneath the surface. Your simple updates and requests trigger a cascade of useful functions that you can customize with ease! Benji Kostenbader will show you how to hack in without an account, save yourself from forgetful clients, and even trigger superpowers on your favorite everyday plugins. Join us!

N.b. That this is a hybrid event. We'll stream the event live on YouTube and take questions through YouTube chat. Subscribe to Code & Supply on YouTube now to get the go-live notification or tune in a little before the anointed hour!

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