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Heartifacts Online day 4 - a conference on wellbeing for software professionals

Join us for Heartifacts Online 2020! An intimate discussion of mental health, community building, and other things software professionals need to talk about more. Our unique schedule enables you to watch presentations, participate in Live Q&A, breakout, and fun social interactive sessions, and still spend time with your family while minimizing work interruptions for participants nationwide. Over a dozen talks spread across four days, with fun social opportunities sprinkled throughout: • Wednesday, August 12: 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern • Thursday, August 13: 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Eastern • Friday, August 14: gap day & social interaction for paid attendees - content and times TBD • Saturday, August 15: 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Eastern Speakers and topics subject to change. Tickets start at $50, and give you access to all four days of interactive sessions. Your purchase helps cover expenses for speakers and staff, or you can view the free stream on YouTube or Twitch. Secure your ticket now for this 150-limit event! Interactive session tickets: https://codeandsupply.co/products Schedule: https://heartifacts.codeandsupply.co/schedule/ Sponsorships: https://heartifacts.codeandsupply.co/sponsor/ The free stream: http://codeandsupply.co/video Note: a Meetup RSVP does not secure your seat. Please see the links above to purchase your ticket

Interview Prep Considered Harmful

Online event

It is no secret that technical interviews are broken. However, instead of addressing the root problem, a cottage industry of interview preparation websites and services such as HackerRank, Leetcode, Interviewing.io, and others have sprung up which some feel are only making things worse. Interview candidates frequent interview prep sites and services looking to increase their chances of passing a technical interview. While being prepared for an interview is never a bad idea, some take preparation for the extreme, studying for weeks and even months in the most extreme cases. This talk aims to discuss some of the hidden issues this trend of cramming for technical interviews causes, why we do this, and ways we can fix these problems from outside as well as from within. Zack Zlotnik to present.

A Collaborative Scientific Document Authoring workflow using hosted Git

I observed a white paper authoring collaboration workflow problem at my Forbes 50 employer wherein a tedious workflow around legacy tooling caused undue stress, headaches, rework, and, ultimately, a cosmetically poor-looking document with inconsistent content and styles. Knowing that a good document requires both good content and presentation, I proposed and led the creation of a simple workflow amenable to our team's software engineers and data scientists: treating the white paper text as code with technologies including Markdown, GitHub Enterprise, Pandoc, LaTeX, and a review process that gets the tooling out of the way in order to enable content authors to focus less on logistics and more on writing and reviewing. The result was that a team of seven engineers and data scientists created a 50-page document containing text, diagrams, equations, graphics, and more in just two weeks. The result greatly pleased our directors and executives. They praised our team not only for the incredibly valuable content, but also the professional appearance of the document. When they learned about the peer review process we used to create it, they wanted more teams to use it. This talk focuses on the problems of passing around files by email or shared drives, the problems of collaborative editing of online documentation, and the problems we're still addressing in our solution that we've now used to author several significant internal documents. Colin Dean to present

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