• Resume Update and Review Night

    Code & Supply Community Center

    Whether decided you want to move over to a new exciting opportunity, or your job is starting to go downhill fast and think you'll need to leave, you never quite know when you'll need your resume. That's why you should regularly keep it updated!

    Come to our Resume Update and Review Night. We'll spend the first part of the evening with our resumes and updating them with our latest projects and jobs. Then we'll take some time to review them and offer suggestions for people. If you're actively job hunting, we can even help tailor your resume to what you're looking for and notify you of jobs the C&S community has heard about.

    We'll hold these each June, October, and February (3x a year) so you can always keep your resume fresh if you need it!

  • Nix @ 20: An introduction and celebration

    Code & Supply Community Center

    An introduction to nix, nixpkgs, nixos, plus a Nix install party, inspired by Nix's 20th anniversary.

    Matt McHenry and Samuel Eisenhandler will present on Nix and help folks get started with NixOS, a Linux distribution that uses the Nix package manager for declarative configuration.

    For more information on Nix, see https://nixos.org.