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Chapters - Web Standards Discussion

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Join us for a discussion on web standards as we strive to shape the future of the web together from the ground up.

Chapters are local or regional groups set up with the general goal of discussing standards, best described in the original post ( about it. The general goal is to dramatically increase participation in, and education about, standards in new and manageable ways. In the words of The Extensible Web Manifesto ( To tighten the feedback loop between the editors of Web standards and developers. Essentially:

Bring people together in local forums to discuss developing standards; Create a ‘safer’ and ‘easier’ place for developers to learn with mentoring; Get help reviewing both standards and human documentation around them; To enlist help in looking at or reviewing and developing prollyfills and tests with an eye toward improving standards; To introduce people to new technology and help them to try using it; Most importantly perhaps, to coalesce this feedback and information and feed it back into standards bodies to manage noise and channels productively, so that Web developers finally have the voice they deserve in the making of the technology they use every day.

544 Miltenberger St · Pittsburgh, PA