Autonomous Blockchain Governance


Governance is a recurring problem whenever you have multiple people that have to come to a decision. Formal or informal, deciding what kind of pizza to get with your friends or determining the foreign policy of a nation-state, decisions have to be made and not everybody is going to like the final choice.

We can use blockchain technology to vote, govern, and even execute contracts. With Polkadot, we can, Ouroboros-like, vote and modify the blockchain itself!

In this workshop, we'll discuss -
1. What is meant by "governance", "autonomous governance", and "on-chain governance"?
2. Problems with previous blockchain governance schemes (e.g. the Bitcoin - Bitcoin Cash split, TheDAO and Ethereum Classic, etc.)
3. Why and how Polkadot solves these problems (and the trade-offs made in order to solve them)
* Basic stake-weighted voting
* Adaptive quorum biasing
* Lock-vote multiplying
* Delayed vote enactment
* The Polkadot Council

We'll then actually participate in governance -

1. Submit various referenda with different proposals
2. Voting on differently-biased referenda
3. Voting with different time weighting

All that you need to participate is a web browser!