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We'll have a series of lightning talks presented by a variety of people! We may fill 90 minutes or it could be as short as ~40 minutes if everyone keeps their talk to 5 minutes. Regardless, you'll have time at the end to take the C&S Compensation Survey ( after hearing about its current insights.

Presenters and their talks currently scheduled and entirely subject to change:

Jean Lange - Git rid of that commit

How to get rid of a commit you don't want, covering revert vs remove, when you would want to do each one, and how to.

Benji Kostenbader - You need a little Jam in your life

I've been asked to make a few guest posts on this topic for the Jamstack community, and it's helpful for both business analysts and developers.

Arnee Odoms - Effective Community Partnerships

An open discussion of how to effectuate lasting change in the Black community by building partnerships from local government to the community.

Remy Porter - Visual Phaser: A Creative Coding Experiment

Start with a simple premise: draw dots spinning in circles. Then shift those dots out of phase with each other. With simple rules, complex patterns appear. This talk using Processing for illustration.

Sarah Withee - How a Pinball Machine Works

Have you ever looked inside a pinball machine? It's full of dozens of assorted components and hundreds of feet of wire. There's a lot of really fascinating things going on and I want to take a short journey inside! You'll see (with pictures) how some simple things like bumpers and tilt sensors work. It all looks so simple, but below the surface, the complexity is quite awesome to think about. You might not ever look at a pinball machine the same way again!

Aiton Goldman - How we made our daily standups useful, and why it didn't matter

A short daily standup for our group was 30 minutes. Over the course of a day, it was not uncommon to see people ask "why wasn't this brought up at standup " in slack. No one had a good idea of what anyone else in the group was working on. In short, our standups were a mess. This lightning talk will focus on describing what we did to solve these problems, and why the results of those efforts didn't end up mattering.

Chloe Shearer - C&S Comp Survey at

Chloe will present our insights so far and implore you to take the next 25-30 minutes to take the survey!