What we're about

This group is for folks that do e-commerce aka sell products on the internet. It's for business owners, digital marketers, media buyers, site optimizers, email marketers...what am I forgetting?

The primary focus is on making sales and growing revenue through online sales channels. We're all here to ask tons of questions, learn and grow.

Business owners have a lot to learn from digital marketers about how to best optimize their online presence and where you should be playing now.

On the other hand, digital marketers have a lot to learn from business owners about how to prioritize what is important (revenue!) and not get lost in things that may provide less value (your brand "cool score", how many people like your posts).

Please introduce yourself to the members of the Meetup group and feel free to reach out to Cullen, one of the local organizers about getting involved and/or for more information on upcoming events.

And JOIN OUR GROUP ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/246444739320468/ to share links and keep the mastermind party going online!

Past events (10)

Design Beautiful Branded Emails: The Work Session

The Loveliest Coffee + Clothes

Design Beautiful Branded Emails: The Workshop

The Loveliest Coffee + Clothes

E-Commerce Mastermind, Vol. 7

Nova Place (Old Allegheny Center Mall)

E-Commerce Mastermind, Vol. 6

Nova Place (Old Allegheny Center Mall)

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