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If you enjoy great foods and a glass of wine or beer, come join us as we explore different food joints in the city and create wonderful memories!


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Atlantic City Boardwalk



Tour costs $80/person
Transportation is PRIVATE. You must provide your own. Due to legal issues, we will not be carpooling. If your friends are coming and they extend to you the courtesy, it is strictly between you and them.
You will be required to sign a waiver.
Any question, please message me!
Once reservation closes, you will be provided with information to purchase your ticket from Audrey Wiggins, the owner of the tour.

Join us for the first Food Tour in Atlantic City!
Start at the Boardwalk sightseeing, playing, shopping, eating. Then depart to begin the tour in Ducktown. Ducktown is a district of Atlantic City that was heavily settled by Italian immigrants in the 20th century. Over the years, the neighborhood has gone through changes but some of the eateries have passed the test of time. Come hear the rest of Ducktown’s story when you join our walking food tour.

On this tour, you’ll stop at local restaurants that have been established in the neighborhood since the early 1900s and are considered restaurant institutions in the city. First up, Angelo’s Fairmont Tavern has been around since 1935 and has been managed by three generations of the family; here you’ll enjoy home-made traditional Italian comfort food. Next, we’ll stop in for an Italian sub. White House Sub Shop has been in existence for seven decades, serving quality sandwiches and regularly making the list of best subs. We’ll go next door for a delicious fish sandwich from Barbera Seafood Market, an Atlantic City landmark for fresh seafood since 1919. Take a break and check out Atlantic City artifacts in Boardwalk Hall, including the world famous organ or visit St. Micheals beautiful church building. Next, head into a real Atlantic City corner bar, the Ducktown Tavern, known for their gourmet burgers and, yes, we will indulge.

For a sweet treat, we’ll finish our tour at Formica’s Bakery, which has been operating for over ninety years, serving the community and beyond with freshly made sweet and baked goods. In the end, you’ll head home with the Atlantic City quintessential gift from James’ Salt Water Taffy. You’ll be glad you joined the tour!

For More Info: https://onthetownfoodtours.com/tours/atlantic-city-food-tour

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