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Bit Bridge Halloween Showcase
RSVP at The time has come once again for Bit Bridge's Annual Halloween Showcase! Come play indie games, see original game art, and listen to music all... wait for it... made by local developers!! This year, thanks to our friends at Mega Cat Studios, we'll be showing all of this amazing work at the fabulous Ace Hotel. (This is especially wonderful since Ace Hotel has, as you know, an amazing bar.) This event is open to the public and costumes are (as always) highly encouraged! If you're a game developer, game artist, or game-dev-adjacent creator and you'd like to show some of your work, either (1) tweet @bitbridgeindies OR (2) send a message @Brightside on our Discord OR (3) sign up using this Google Form: To get more details about the party, join the #halloween-party channel on our Discord at:

Ace Hotel Pittsburgh

120 S Whitfield Street · Pittsburgh, PA

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We generally meet at the Abbey on Butler, a restaurant/bar/cafe on "the second" Wednesday once a month. We also "ghost host" the "first Saturday each month" at Games-N-at, Southside.

People interested in networking with other video game developers, who live in the Pittsburgh area, of every level of experience and skillset. Workshops can be offered by members who express a willingness to present, and suggestions for viable public meeting locations in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania city proper. There are two main types of meetups in this group: all ages for anyone interested, and "adult", referring to meetups that involve going to bars, coffeehouses and other places not suitable for children or large groups. Our two favorite large party meetup locations are: Games N'at (family friendly) and Dave and Busters (drinker friendly)

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