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"Without individuals, nothing changes, and without institutions, nothing lasts."

I discovered Jordan Peterson's work 2 years ago, and it has profoundly helped me transform my life. I want to meet other men who have been impacted by his work (or have recently become introduced to it) to discuss his ideas, share best practices and create a community of men helping each other to sort ourselves out.

Our Meetup group will initially be focused on discussion, sharing insights and forming a consensus reality, but this will primarily be an action-oriented group. We will meet regularly to share how we are sorting ourselves out and how we could be doing better.

My long-term vision is to create a men's group with an outward focus of community service for Pittsburgh and with an inward focus of becoming better sons, husbands, fathers, employees, bosses, and citizens. I want to synthesize everything that I have learned from 12 step recovery, Buddhist monasticism, clinical psychology, philosophy and various spiritual disciplines into a cohesive moral framework for helping men to embark on the soul's high adventure of becoming.

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