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Each month we discuss a specific topic related in some way to improving our lives, our jobs, or our community. We hope that you can make it to the meetup, but even if you can't you may find the resources related to each month's topic are interesting, useful, and fun!

Often we'll choose a book, a podcast, a video, and a blog that are related to the month's topic, and we'll discuss those at the meetup. Feel free to read/watch/listen to all, some, or none of them -- but show up anyway for the conversation!

Other times we'll invite guest speakers who are experts in the topic of the meeting.

Why "Life Hackers"? Before the word "hacker" was used to describe "a person who illegally gains access to and sometimes tampers with information in a computer system" it meant someone who enjoyed finding out about the details of things--what makes them work--and finding ways to get more out of it. There's a brief intro to the history of the word here:

The term "Life Hacker" means someone who enjoys figuring out the tips and tricks that make ordinary problems in life easier to solve. The show MacGyver was about a hacker in a similar way--he found creative solutions to any problem.

It's the intersection of knowledge and creativity.

We hope you join us!

Note: while we subscribe to and enjoy, this group has no direct ties to that organization.

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