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Meet Up For Trivia at The South Park Clubhouse
Come join in on the trivia fun at The South Park Clubhouse every Tuesday evening!! Great drinks and food. Enjoy a fun night out and a true game show experience! Prizes every week! NO PAPER, NO PENS OR PENCILS AND NO HANDING IN SLIPS! AND WE LET YOU CHEAT WITH YOUR CELLPHONES! "SOMETIMES" THATS WHY WE CALL IT FAST FINGERS!

South Park Clubhouse

2200 Brownsville Road · South Park, PA

What we're about

What is missing from most of SOCIAL NETWORKING is the SOCIAL PART!

The Pittsburgh Social Club is a Social Events Group from Western PA Region with most of the events in the Pittsburgh Area.

We are trying to change that, by posting fun events where people can interact and see people eye to eye and have FUN!

The Pittsburgh Social Club is trying to find and help local Artists, Comedians, Musicians, Event Planners to post events to help them boost their signal (which can be difficult for them) and because they are creating FUN and ENTERTAINMENT for us.

If you are a member you can post events, just PLEASE remember you are the Hostess or Host of your event and try to do your best setting up a event and PLAN it as well as you can! It is OKAY to setup events with MULTIPLE HOSTS and HOSTESSES.

It's Okay to tell friends from the outside world about events! YES CROSS-POSTING IS ALLOWED AND RECOMMENDED!

Events will be all over PA region and there will be no restrictions on what can be posted. This site is for everybody and is INCLUSIVE not EXCLUSIVE and it's okay to cross-post.

We will do a variety of activities to include dinners, movies, parties, comedy clubs, sporting events, concerts, happy hours, and whatever else people want to do.

This is a drama free group. meaning if you don't want to come to an event, just say no, and if you RSVP please have the respect to change the RSVP if you can not make it.

1. If you plan an event YOU NEED TO BE THERE! (even if you are the musician singing or comedian telling the jokes, don't post events for others, this KEEPS IT REAL!)
2. Make the Event FUN/Interesting/Cool! And give details on where, how you will meet and interact!
3. We are all adults! No Drama! Have fun! Be cool and respectful to others!
4. No cold calling/e-mailing people, except to ask questions about the event. Don't cold e-mail people can be creepy and not respectful.
5. NO MULTILEVEL MARKETING OR ADVERTISING! If you post an event you have to be there, and you don't have to babysit people but you do have TO KEEP IT REAL! (example, I am Vending at JAM ON WALNUT, I create the event JAM ON WALNUT, mention the Bands, how it's fun and cool the event is and to say hi or wave to me).

ARTIST's of ANY TYPE POSTING YOUR OWN EVENT: PLEASE try to find a way to meet and interact with the people that show up! here are some examples:Meet before or After the Show, have a special table for the Pittsburgh Social Club people if you get a decent amount of RSVP's etc. it will help you gain some fans that will show up again to your shows!

Most of the Events like Happy Hours, Bar Crawls, Dinners this won't be an issue, keeping it real happens naturally. People at meetups WANT social interaction even if it's just saying hi after a show.

We're trying to get a critical mass of members so to have enough people to keep things interesting. Meetups live and die on how many events are on their calendar and the GOAL to be Self Sustaining:

OUR GOAL: 2000 Facebook Members & about 5000 on the Meetup Pittsburgh Social Club

(the Pittsburgh Social Club meetup is more important, because Facebook is more of a Pay to Play venue, Meetup has a better Calendaring System, and the automated email reminders help get people to show up).

We are trying to keep things social, fun and AWESOME!

Hope to see you at an EVENT! OR POST ONE!


Frank Halling
Pittsburgh Social Club

PS. This is an VERY ACTIVE MEETUP! you will get a ton of e-mail, my recommendation is if you have a secondary e-mail address use that for your user id. Or that you go up to "My Profile" on right hand side of page and select E-mail and Notifications. You still will get a bunch of e-mails but it will be more manageable. Meetups WORK because of E-mail, not because people come here to look for things to do.

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