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Light Languages and my Etheric Journey with Extra Terrestrials By Cindy Miller Join me as I share with you my journey working with beings from other worlds. I will share how they contacted me and the experiences I had when I first learned to channel. Eventually they joined much of my healing work. I will speak using light languages during this presentation and give some interpretations. Sacred Service by Cynthia Miller Cynthia Miller is an intuitive healer that helps you identify unhealthy programs and beliefs. She helps you transform negative patterns that cause emotional and physical pain and distress. She helps you tune into positive programs so you may experience a higher energy state. Cindy began her journey working with herbs and homeopathic healing because of her own allergies and illnesses in her early 30's. She learned energy healing while attending massage school in 1997 and then eventually was introduced to spiritual healing. She works with body, mind and spirit and has been doing healing work since her graduation from Career Training Academy in 1997. ________________________________________________________________________________ Hi! Suzanne here, organizer for this new Meetup. I scheduled in a time and date at Crazy Mocha on Baum Blvd in Pittsburgh, near Shadyside. We will meet on Saturday, September 8, at 4pm -- upstairs. This first meeting is important in that we will be meeting one another for the first time, and figuring out just what sort of group we want to manifest! I am organizer and Raven is co-organizer, but we will need other members to step into leadership roles as well as we grow. So, that aspect will be discussed. I would love to hear each person's story. Some of us are what is coined in UFO research as Experiencer's, some are Contactee's. We are also all teachers for one another. I envision this group to be a democratic one, whereby the members are empowered to help with the group and have a say so in how we develop as a group. Another aspect to this group is a form of support for those who cannot share their experiences because of their work, or their families and friends. Things are getting better for us, but we still have a way to go as I experience it. Ongoing sharing of new things about ufo's and experiencer's and contactee's and whistle blowers in the media through films, through YouTube channels, through ET channels are also part of this group. I will present a brief historical account of how we all got here so far, with UFO sightings and research, the sharing of experiences of those affected by ET life and UFO's, major researchers in this area of life, and the new out cropping of ET art which I am currently engaged in. Raven and I are looking forward to meeting with you all! Confidentiality is strongly observed and is expected of all members attending. Any questions, please contact me at[masked]

Crazy Mocha Next to Adli on Baum Blvd

5607 Baum Blvd. · Pittsburgh, PA

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“This is a group for anyone interested in sharing and learning about our Star Nations (ETs aka Aliens), Extraterrestrial encounters through dreams, contact, meditations etc. All experiencer's and those interested to learn are welcome. I started this group to offer community, sharing and support among the Starseeds and their families. Looking forward to exploring the outdoors with everybody." --Suzanne, Star Nation Organizer

I am here to help save the planet Sophia, Gaia, planet Earth. Clean and protect the Genetic Living Library from harm. Harm from: GMO's, GeoEngineering, Human child sex slavery, killing trees. All have to stop. Moving away from oil to clean Plasma technology. Peace on Earth. --Raven, Star Nation Co-Organizer

Adjunct topics to this group are ET art, crop circles, various contact experiences, disclosure projects, and prominent researchers. Health and wellness, balance are key to this group.

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