What we're about

Tennis Player,

We're connecting players on the tennis courts throughout Pittsburgh and in the suburbs.

We allow players to post meetups. So feel that it is acceptable to promote an event that you will take ownership of and we'll let the meetup group know about it.

We'll be running certain tennis socials, weekend tournaments and get togethers for the passionate tennis players who want to play competitive tennis. If you want to meet up with other tennis players in Pittsburgh then you should definitely check us out.

Here's our main programs:

For Flex Leagues:

Video: https://www.PittsburghTennisLeague.com/videos/flex-tennis-league

Description: https://www.PittsburghTennisLeague.com/thanks/league_flow

For Doubles Leagues:

Video: https://www.PittsburghTennisLeague.com/videos/DoublesLeagues

Description: https://www.PittsburghTennisLeague.com/thanks/doubles_flow

For Non-Competitive Partner Program:

Video: https://www.PittsburghTennisLeague.com/videos/PartnerProgram

Description: https://www.PittsburghTennisLeague.com/thanks/partner_flow

For Tourney's

Video: https://www.PittsburghTennisLeague.com/videos/Tourney

Description: https://www.PittsburghTennisLeague.com/thanks/tournament_flow

We hope to see you join one of our upcoming programs. To join any of these programs you can just go to our join page:

https://www.pittsburghtennisleague.com/join (http://pittsburghtennisleague.com/join)

-Steve C.

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The Non-competitive Tennis Partner Program

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The Non-competitive Tennis Partner Program

Needs a location

Sept. Tourney

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The Non-competitive Tennis Partner Program

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