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My intention for this meetup is twofold. To bring women together to share and support what is going on for them regarding their weight loss struggle, many women express to me that they feel isolated in their struggle and finding community inspires them to do more. Secondly - to teach, inspire and empower. The weight loss community is filled with terrible information, unrealistic promises and set women up for failure. I help women understand how to change - not necessarily what to do. The meetup will have some educational comoponents, sharing and a lot of honest and connection. (Thats what the wine is for ;) ) Will you hear me talk about my work? Yes, but I teach through stories as well as information because that is how people best learn and we are inspired by human stories, connection and success.

If you're trying to lose weight and you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.

This is for anyone who is sick of trying to lose weight. In this group you'll learn why dieting doesn't work, the reason it cranks up desire on 'being bad' and how to effortlessly change your diet and body by learning the super simple reasons that we resist change and the easy ways to make change feel easy. FUN is the thing missing most people's lives. The promise of fun, more socializing, more adventure and trying new things lies in the forever hope of 'tomorrow' in weight loss. I call BS. You have to start creating the life you want NOW before you lose weight or the process won't work. You'll learn how to do all of that in this group.

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Lighten Up Kickstarter Course

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