Service Broker - Put Me In Coach

This is a past event

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Come join us for our June user group meeting, presented by Bill Wolf from RDX.

This session is an introduction to Service Broker basics and how you can use it as an alternative to ETL, batch processing and other asynchronous operations. Service Broker allows you to process your data asynchronously in a single instance. It makes for a near real time ETL process.

We will start off with the basic components of Service Broker. Then use what we have learned to configure it to process some real life data using American Football Plays on a single database deployment. In addition, we will then use Service Broker as a replication alternative to show the ETL capabilities using databases on two separate instances.

At the end of this session, you will have the knowledge to use Service Broker for batch processing, ETL or even an alternative to replication.

About Bill: Bill is the Manager of SQL Server Performance Tuning for RDX. He works with over 200 customers on solutions within the SQL Server environment and specialized in code tuning and mentoring the team within RDX. He has become a SQL Saturday veteran speaking at 20 SQL Saturdays in the last 2 years and is active in the Pittsburgh SQL Server User Group. He is passionate about educating users on SQL Server and mentoring others.