The Seven Habits of Diverse Communities - Tracy Miranda

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Pivotal Lunch & Learn
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Diversity is key to the long term success of communities and businesses. It unlocks innovation and can drive market growth. Now as we talk of software being ubiquitous and ‘eating the world’ diversity has an increasingly important role to play in modern day society. Tech communities notoriously suffer from diversity problems and diversity is not something that can be improved overnight. This talk takes a deeper look at the complex topic of diversity. It details seven habits diverse communities make use of to keep their communities healthy, innovative and growing. It looks at how the more diverse our software communities the more secure and resilient society will be.

About the speaker

Tracy Miranda is founder & CEO of Kichwa Coders, a consultancy specialising in embedded tools & IDEs. She sits on the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors and is the Chair of the Science Working Group. Tracy has a background in electronics systems design and has US patents granted for her work on processor architectures. She writes for and on tech, open source & diversity.