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Learn to Live in Your Heart
If you are interested in learning how to walk with your intuition in everyday life, this is the class for you. If you have been told you are too sensitive or too emotional, this is the class for you. If you want to learn safe ways to work with energy in a three dimensional world, this is the class for you. You will be working in experiential ways to discover your unique connection to spirit. Through exercises, journaling, discussion and guidance from an experienced teacher (15 years), you will come to a deep understanding of how your intuition works for you. If you are looking for quick or prepackaged answers, this is not the class for you. Rather we carefully build knowledge and discover ways that we can use energy to benefit our lives and the lives of others. There is no ending time to the class. Some have studied for 8 to 10 years in other classes that are still ongoing. There is no certificate, but you will see the benefits for yourself should you have the discipline and persistence to stick with it. The activities are based on the indigenous way of teaching how to be in your heart. It is not a quick fix. Your first class is free if you do not return. Should you return, the cost is $100 per month (6 to 7.5 hours of instruction), regardless of attendance. Guidance in the form of calls and/or messages between classes as well as supplies are also included. You can join this class up to November 28, at which point it will be closed to new members.

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374 Main St (Route 9) · Cherry Valley (Leicester), MA

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If you ever wonder about unexplained feelings or why you know certain things for no apparent reason, this Meetup group is where you can gain an understanding. If you have an understanding of your intuitive abilities, then this Meetup is where you can be with others like you! We are for all ages, although most Meetup topics are for adults and children ages 12 and over.

The potluck is usually held at 1 PM on the third Saturday followed by a speaker who leads us through different experiences to help us find ways we can develop our intuitive abilities. Speakers also present knowledge on Earth Based Spirituality and other related topics of walking with the Earth.

We each have our unique way to link, and when we have a deep understanding of our abilities, our lives are richer and more profound. Come and walk with us! This group has NO religious affiliation. Be ready for good conversation, good food, and a great experience!

In addition to the topics presented at the potluck, we also have circles where you can practice Mediumship and/or Giving Readings with guidance from an experienced practitioner. We also offer circles that focus upon Parenting Intuitive Children and Past Life Regressions.

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