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Let's Learn about Our Connections to the Spirit World!

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Whether you are just curious about whether or not you have intuitive abilities or you are besieged with psychic information daily, these classes are for you.

In these gatherings, you learn in a very gradual and safe way many aspects of how to use your intuition, including, but not limited to, healing Native American style, telepathy, remote viewing, linking with events and places, using plants for medicine, understanding the medicine of stones, animals, insects and other beings, and much more!

You will be in a small group that works closely together to deepen their understanding of their connection to all things. We have other classes that have been meeting from 8 months to over five years!

This class is not a quick fix! It takes time to come to an understanding of these things. If you have the commitment to come weekly and study, however, you will be rewarded with an enriched life. For how it has helped others, please visit our Testimonies page at

The fee is $92 a month. Attendance is for as long as you wish to continue to learn.

If you are more interested in a day time class, please let me know.